EEYLC – Rules

The Planning Committee hopes you will find the Conference enjoyable and beneficial.
In order to ensure that you will be safe and profit from the day, we ask you to follow to these guidelines:

  • Only registered students will be admitted
  • All students must travel to the conference and return on school buses with chaperones. NO private cars.
  • Everyone is expected to wear a nametag.
  • Students may not leave the university conference area.
  • Everyone is expected to attend all the sessions and participate accordingly.
  • Everyone is expected to respect the rights of others, the property and school rules.
  • Appropriate dress: NO hats, NO headphones, NO Cellular phones, NO pagers.
  • NO drugs, alcohol, or smoking.

If any rules above are violated, the Chaperone will be notified and asked to keep the student under direct supervision throughout the conference.